LifeGroups are the place where people connect in a meaningful community. Real life needs real relationships to enjoy the journey, so don’t do life alone! Small groups provide a place to meet in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Each small group is unique because the leaders host a group based on their passions and interests. For us, it’s less about what groups do when they meet, and more about people finding genuine relationships within the local church. LifeGroups are a place to build friendships where we can support and care for each other.

All our groups have leaders who are passionate about following Jesus Christ. So every time a group meets, there will be a time where we share about what we are learning and we pray for one another. We encourage people to share life-giving freedom through connections at LifeGroups. Real life change happens in the context of relationships, so LifeGroups provide opportunities for each person to find out what their Next Step is in their spiritual journey.

We have LifeGroup HUBS which are groups that share similar life phases or interests. Check out the options and take a step to connect with a LifeGroup today!

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