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Online Church and Life Groups have been our way of connecting while RSA had restrictions on meetings due to the coronavirus.
KidsChurch, Teens content, Sermons and worship resources will still be available online. We would like to invite you to
join us for in-person meetings.

Download the ‘Back 2 Church’ Booklet for all the details on how to book your seat for church and all the info on what
ChurchAlive is doing regarding Covid-19 restrictions.

We are using an SMS based booking system which links your personal details to the meeting that you choose to attend.

If you are not on our database, click on the ‘I want to attend church in person’ tab and add your details.

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We started  a new series “On the Money”. Many people are in a season of financial curve-balls and uncertainty. Often our response to these curve-balls are little more than an “it is what it is” attitude. But, that is not God’s response. Whether you are receiving a R 350 Covid grant from the government, or whether you are earning R 35 000, God’s principles for managing our money remains the same.

The series will be inspirational, informative and practical. You will find two documents below:

1. a workbook and 2. additional notes for practical purposes.

Download the workbook or pick up a copy at ChurchAlive.

During the week, for four weeks, a short clip will be loaded on the CA YouTube channel, to watch during your Life-group / Team meetings. Then, the fun begins! Wisdom is shared, ideas are bounced around and (I believe) many people will have a revelation, followed by a breakthrough!

I am that excited and confident about the impact of this series!

Not in a Life-group yet? Join one! Start one!

– Ps. Johan Minnaar


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Hey parents! Just because we can’t gather at this time because of Covid-19 doesn’t mean we are taking a break at ChurchAlive. We value our kids and place a high priority on providing input that will help them worship God, get to know the Bible and grow as young believers. So please partner with us and help your kids connect weekly.


LifeGroups are the place where people connect in a meaningful community. Real life needs real relationships to enjoy the journey, so don’t do life alone! Small groups provide a place to meet in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Each small group is unique because the leaders host a group based on their passions and interests. For us, it’s less about what groups do when they meet, and more about people finding genuine relationships within the local church. LifeGroups are a place to build friendships where we can support and care for each other.

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