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The steps towards the fulfillment of a personal vision for tomorrow are made up of wise, decisive and transparent choices, today.
Common sense and Biblical insight will solve a problem today, but only an eternal perspective will consider the impact of our choices on the next generation.
The things we see impact the way we feel. We need to make sure the things that we see aren't devoid of God's perspective.

2020 Vision

January 5, 2020
We may have a clear vision but we need to make sure we also have a Godly perspective that goes with it.

Peace and Harmony

December 8, 2019

Who Is Jesus?

December 1, 2019
Who is Jesus to you? Do you see Him as a little baby that we celebrate over Christmas or is He really God and Lord over your life!
God can use anyone He pleases to fulfil His will, so don't dare discount yourself.

Pick Up Your Mat

November 17, 2019
Sometimes we need to do something to see our breakthrough during our storm. What 'mat' is Jesus asking you to pick up?

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